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50 cabbies 'ambush' Uber driver, passengers, one injured

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Some 50 taxi drivers are reported to have ambushed an Uber driver and two passengers in Kuala Lumpur, injuring one of the passengers.

According to a report in the China Press today, the drivers had been lying in wait at KL Sentral on Monday morning, when the Uber driver arrived to fetch an Iranian couple.

“The Iranian couple arrived at the lobby and used a phone app to call for their ride. When the driver arrived, the couple got into the car but were dragged out by about 50 taxi drivers, causing injuries to the woman.

“It is understood that the uncharacteristically angry taxi drivers also used stones to break the car’s windows.

“The woman was subsequently sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment, while the car owner has lodged a report at a police station,” the daily reported.

Following the incident, the Kuala Lumpur traffic police chief Nazri Hussain is reported to have told China Press that the case has been classified as a crime and has been handed to the Criminal Investigations Department.

However, if the incident turned out to be a dispute arising out of a traffic accident, the Traffic and Enforcement Department may take over investigations instead.

As long as the car owner can prove that the taxi drivers had acted intentionally, the police would investigate the matter under the appropriate laws and would not let off the prepetrators lightly, Nazri is quoted as saying.

He also warned that the dispute between taxi drivers and the ride-sharing service providers Uber and Grabcar must not escalate to violence, or action would be taken.

Sumber: Malaysiakini

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