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10 simple hacks around the home could help you save thousands

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Energy bills, food costs, rent, mortgage and the latest technology - running a home and keeping it up to date can be seriously expensive.
But there are ways of keeping those costs down.
In fact, finance expert Jasmine Birtles, of MoneyMagpie.com, says you could save thousands of pounds a year with some simple yet clever hacks around the home.
She points out how and where to pick up freebies and the best ways to make money on the side with minimal effort and just a bit of smart planning.
Here are her top ten tips from her new eBook, 101 Ways to Save in your Home.

Love leftovers

Christmas leftover turkey sandwich
We use leftovers from our Christmas dinner - but we should do it more often
Save money on sprucing up your house by checking out the ‘oops’ paints at DIY stores such as B&Q.
These are paints left over from when the mixer doesn’t quite get the colour right.
You may find exactly what you’re after for half the price.

Get a roommate

Getting a roommate is a great way to save significant money on your expenses.
If you’re looking for a lodger, have a look at Easyroommate – it’s free to post an ad.
There’s also MondaytoThursday.co.uk where you can get a part-time lodger: less money but more privacy.
Even consider Airbnb.com for occasional tourists renting your spare room for a few nights at a time.

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